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If you’re new to Skype, don’t worry – it’s easy.



If you are a current user of Skype, your psychic will contact you with a username to add as a friend. With that accomplished, you’ll be able to connect. If you’re sort of lost already, just follow these simple instructions.

Not only is this totally FREE to download, you’ll only have to do this ONCE.


Step 1:

Go to (, select Downloads.



Step 2:

Select the version you’ll need.


Your choices are:
Skype for Windows Desktop (which also includes laptops)
Skype for Macs
Skype for Linux
Skype for Tablets (various versions available)
Skype for Mobile


Step 3:

Click on the download and then follow the quick and easy prompts on your screen.


Step 4:

When Skype opens, just request a connection with the username of the psychic that was emailed to you.



Be sure to introduce yourself to the psychic when you add them so they’ll know who you are. Say something like “I’m John Doe and we have an appointment today at 2pm.” Or something along those lines.

That’s it. I know – pretty easy, right?


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