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The Original Tremont Tearoom Family of Talented Psychics

Tarot / Psychic / Spirit / Tea

Raymond is a Master Psychic and Clairvoyant who has been with the Tearoom for over 45 years. He has a very loyal and devout client base. He is a pillar of the Tearoom and his genteel style and jovial demeanor have healed numerous clients over the years. His sense of humor is almost as sharp as his vision and we are proud to have him as a member of the Tearoom. Raymond has been one of the top Psychics in Boston since 1972.  


available from 12pm-4pm EST Mondays through Saturdays


Tearoom Owner/Tarot Reader/Psychometry

John has worked for the Tearoom since 1996 and is the current owner of The Original Tremont Tearoom. He studied under both former owners, Michael and Alex Palermo to learn the arts of Tarot, psychometry , and Wicca. Coming from a apt pupil to a Skilled reader he brings a flare unique to his own to his reading styles that is sure to impress. Currently having a limited schedule as he works behind the scenes most of the time, you are able to book with him by request.


Astrologer / Psychic / Oracle / Tea Leaf

Hazel has over a decade of connecting spiritually to herself and others. Hazel is a clairvoyant, intuitive, empath, specializing in love and relationships and time frames. She is a Healer, Lightworker, starseed, earth angel, twin flames, strong believer of the after life. Believer in karma, dream interpretation. She also has skills with auras and Chakras.

Hazel writes weekly horoscope blogs for The Tremont Tearoom and has skill in divining through Oracle Cards and is the zodiac sign of Taurus.


Tarot / Psychic / Tea

Sonia is a psychic clairvoyant and Tarot card reader having been with the Tearoom for over twelve years. Sonia is a student of metaphysics and a certified master in Usui, Shamballa, and Karuna Reiki. Sonia's reading style is down-to-earth, clarifying, and straight to the point. Sonia loves answering questions and providing solutions for various topics involving love, money, and life path Sonia is at The Tearoom.

Available by phone Wedensdays 6pm-7pm


Tarot / Psychic / Medium/ Clairvoyant

Rah has studied and worked in the psychic and mystical fields for over 50 years.  His expertise include Aura, tarot, charts, numerical and elemental, including Kabala and Astral influences.

available from 2-4 and is available by special appointment.

james picardi.png

James Picardi
Astrologer / Psychic / Oracle / Tea Leaf

Having practiced the magickal arts for the last decade, James will help you with both love and financial situations.  Having work steadily through college with the tearoom, the Boston Transplant gone Georgia will read by phone to discuss any topics you want.  He is well versed in researching love and relationships through both the psychic art and from a critical level.

Available by Phone Tuesday-Saturday 11am-8pm


My gifts first appeared at the age of 3, when my family moved into a haunted house.  The first ghost led to ghosts everywhere.  I also had a hard time recognizing people, from family and friends to classmates and later on co-workers. It wasn't until I was much older that I realized that i saw the past lives everyone, all the time.  Depending on the present days events, the worries and dreams of our past lives that share these feelings or events from today's world cause the faces I see to reflect that past life today.  I use the past to explain the present.  Our fears, dreams, and hopes are shared through many lives.  From the caveman to the drawing room gentleman - who we were makes us who we are now.  For a past life reading Skype is best, I need to see you.

Available by Phone Monday, Tuesday, Friday 11am-1pm



Christina has been honing her skills as a tarot and oracle reader for the last few years. She is gifted with clairsentience and claircognizance, a strong intuition, and natural empath skills. She is a lightworker and starseed and is guided to assist those in need of healing using unconditional love vibrations and energy.


Available by Phones Monday-Thursday 11AM-4PM

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