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"It was my second reading with James and he is very good and very nice. I would definitely recommend him or have an appointment with him again."

-Stephanie H


"I came in for a reading last week on Thursday last week and my reader was named James. I can be honest and say I will come back again. My reader brought some things up to my attention that I did not think of. I was shocked that he picked up on some things so detailed which freaked me out but I loved it." - Nora H

"My friend Caroline told me how much Larry helped her & how accurate his readings were. So far I agree with her completely. Thank you, Larry!!" 


"Pam was wonderful. Thank you very much!"


"Hi, I had a reading with Raymond yesterday. I really enjoyed it. He gave me lots of things that related to my life. He made me feel very comfortable. I loved that you're at your new location! I tried a reading last year, to find out you closed. I was disappointed. When I tried back I was extremely excited about your new location. I loved my whole experience! I'll definitely be back, as I've been coming since I was a teenager. Thank you Raymond and staff!"


"James - he was amazing and very nice!!!!"

"I recently had a reading with Alex and WOW!!! It was incredible. Alex is a very strong reader and has an incredible connection with spirit....he is very accurate, informative, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Having a reading with Alex is like sitting with a best friend. My reading with Alex was via phone and I hardly wanted the reading to end. I will definitely have future readings with Alex. If you are contemplating having a reading with Alex, do not wait a minute longer. His ability to guide, assist, and inform is beyond words. Thank you Alex for being the wonderful being of light that you are!!!!"


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