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We are The Original Tremont Tearoom, the nation’s oldest and most reputable psychic institution, serving Boston and the universe since 1936. Since our humble beginnings during the Great Depression, the Tremont Tearoom has offered spiritual guidance to people from all walks of life by doing what we do best: psychic readings. Our staff is well-versed in many divination techniques. Your choices include tarot cards, tea leaves, palmistry, mediumship etc. The Tremont Tearoom has become a tradition for generations; many clients tell us stories of how they had come for readings long ago with their mothers and grandmothers, making the Tremont Tearoom an institution in Boston.


In our efforts to provide clients with ethical and uplifting readings (see our Psychic Code of Ethics), many come to us to find out about the future, but leave with a stronger understanding of themselves in the present.

Our clients are just as diverse as our psychics, as we read for housewives/househusbands, boardroom mavens, college students and business tycoons alike (in fact, find out here why the Tearoom is the “professional’s professional”).

We thank you for taking the time to check out our website; we look forward to sitting with you for a reading privately at our studio, on the phone or online, or during an event for which you’ve hired one of Boston’s Best Psychics to serve up the most enlightening entertainment money can buy.



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