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Every healer or guide should stand by a strict Code of Ethics, and all of the psychics at the Tremont Tearoom proudly abide by such a code:



  • I will take full responsibility for my own energy, setting and running it accordingly.

  • I will take the time to ground myself.

  • I will be committed to being in my body and experiencing the present moment.

  • I will be emotionally neutral and always aware of which energy is mine and which is not.

  • I will not undermine another by taking on their problems; I create no dependencies. Instead, by example, I will teach the laws of autonomy and free will.

  • I will not use my abilities to control, manipulate or program another.

  • I will use my clairvoyance to see the TRUTH for each person and not be mischievous or practice “clairvoyerism.”

  • I will read the past and present with only a reference to the probable and possible futures of another, thus allowing the other the freedom to create their own future.

  • I will look for the way in which it is easiest for the other to receive energy/input, and I will communicate to that openness with positive intention.

  • I will have a strong heart connection with others, and accept each as an equal Human Being, subject to the respect that physical and spiritual Beings deserve.

  • I will devote my life to the purity and truth of my own essence energy, as well as helping others find their own purity and truth within their own hearts.

  • I will devote myself to the individuality of each soul, respecting that individuality in its search for health, well-being and ultimately Oneness.











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